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Thread: My Plan to Raise Vitamin D Level by Sunning / Tanning

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    Cool My Plan to Raise Vitamin D Level by Sunning / Tanning

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    hi there.

    Read the 'vitamin d cure'.
    Am skin type 0 'never tan, always burn' (or 1 'rarely tan, burny easily')
    Now in summer in my city from 12-14h there is often uvb of 6 (how strong the sun is)

    Now every day i go 20min in sun at midday, 10min lying on the back, 10min lying on the stomach, only covered by small shorts. (book talks about 5-10 min of uvb 6 with skin type 0 for *keeping* vitamin D level)
    Without sunblocker (blocks 95% of vitamin d production)

    Goal: getting lot of vitamin d. (~60nml or what their standard is, after reading tim ferris 4h body, for raising testosterone for raising libido)

    Right now i think after 2 days of this there is a step before minimal-sunburn -> when i scratch my skin it's a tiny bit more painful than normaly.

    I have also vitamin D tablets i took in winter. Wonder if i should take eg 400iu also in summer in the goal to raise my level quickly. I considered a vitamin D test but really, it seems pricey to me.

    Comments and thoughts welcome.

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    I would definitely test. Everyone is different how they absorb D from pills and from the sun. I have fair skin that tans, and I spent all of last summer, at least one hour daily, outside in a bathing suit mid day. I had also been taking about 10,000 IU of D3 for a few months after my level came back in the 20s. After that summer, and taking 10-15 K IU per day for several more months when summer was over, my level had moved up about 20 points. I thought it would have been much more dramatic. So, full body exposure + supps doesn't always mean a huge bump in level, though I am sure it is pretty good. Testing seems a good place to start. Also, 400 IU is not likely to give you enough in the winter, despite what the US RDA says. Good luck.
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    I'm Swedish/Finnish and live in Southern California. I stopped taking Vitamin D now that it's gotten sunny enough I need sunglasses again. I go outside in the sun with my running shorts on at noon. I go hiking in the sun all day on the weekend. This should be enough I think.

    I've heard that the reason white people are fair is because of the low level of sun in Northern Europe. You cannot take a baby to term without adequate Vitamin D. People who were able to soak up more Vitamin D from the weak Northern European sun had more babies and thus the fair skin became an adaptation that survived. It ought to be enough sun then to go out in the noonday sun and expose yourself for a few minutes.
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    I always burn and go right back to turkey white. Last summer was my first time doing vitamin D absorbstion. I pumped up my D3 dose with pills, then laid out in the sun 10-15 mins with some tanning lotion (it had spf 12 in it). Results were pleasing, though my friend who was a former beach guard was concerned, trying to warn me it's not worth it. I went from absolutely terrified of the sun (I surfered a 2nd degree sun burn when I was a kid. GINORMOUS blisters-- the size of a small child's fist, had to sleep sitting up for a week or two. Kinda traumatizing), to at peace with my former mortal enemy.
    Now I let my husband put spf 60 on my 3yo, but when it's just her & I at the park, I spray the spf12 on her. Last summer she got some freckles. It was super cute!

    Oh... my favorite part of sunning-- last summer we'd go for 6+ mile walks. We'd come home pink. I'd put on my after sun care lotion. I love it cuz it sparkles. I run around yelling "I'M A VAMPIRE!"
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    hi there,

    oooook. Done some more reading.
    Mostly a scientific paper about osteoporosis (sry if spelled wrong), in my native german language.

    Articles that say:
    - vitamin seems to be only toxic at about 40 000 IU daily for a long time
    - 10 000 iu daily would be needed to get most of the population in a good range
    - studies show these short term bigdoses (probably when having low vitamin d) have been done and were safe:
    50 000 iu daily for 10 days
    one time 300 000.
    one time 500 000.
    - taking daily 1500 iu or weekly once 10 500 iu or taking once a month 45 000 iu had the same effect

    - but they recommend the big doses only if you got a 25-OH-test to see how much vitamin d you have.

    Cracy thing i did:
    In the last 7 days i consumed 270 000 iu in total (7 * 38 000 iu average)

    Now i am wondering the daily dose i should continiou with. Will think about that.

    8000 iu daily seems to be high number but still very safe.

    (Anyone knows how to get an vitamin d test in europe / austria)

    AJCN -- Heaney et al. 77 (1): 204 Figure 1
    got a chart with intake and vitamin d levels. But can't fully decode it.
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    I have found that supplementing Vit D is all about absorption. Vitamin D, A, and K2 all work together to be absorbed. I went from what I call super supplementing 6-8k IU per day to taking 2 tabs of FCLO and 2 tabs of butter oil. I haven't gotten my D tested since but my teeth have actually gotten better.

    I have always burned easily and stayed out of the sun. For more then a year I have been able to spend alomst as much time out in the sun as I want. This weekend I was outside for at least 3-4 hours each day with no shirt on and I have not burned. It has been a world of difference.
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    the body stores about 2 million IU's of vitamin D. once it is depleted the pathway that creates vitamin D from sunlight is shut down.

    if your serum levels are under 50 just eat the 2 million and go about your business.then retest in 6 weeks.

    if they are not right around 100 +- 10 then you have other problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MightyAl View Post
    I have found that supplementing Vit D is all about absorption. Vitamin D, A, and K2 all work together to be absorbed. I went from what I call super supplementing 6-8k IU per day to taking 2 tabs of FCLO and 2 tabs of butter oil. I haven't gotten my D tested since but my teeth have actually gotten better.
    What got better about your teeth? If i may be so nosey
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    Quote Originally Posted by garp94 View Post
    What got better about your teeth.
    Dental plaque has almost disappeared after fighting with it for the past 2 years. It got so bad I could feel a build up and could chip it off with my fingernail. The disturbing part is I was brushing twice a day and flossing every night. Now I hardly ever brush or floss and my teeth feel like I just had a dental cleaning every day.

    My teeth are no longer sensitive to cold either. I am waiting for my next dentist appointment to see if my gums have gotten any better. I catch myself running my toungue over the back of my teeth all the time and I am still amazed at how smooth they are.

    I did the CW Rx for a whole year with no improvement and finally got pissed that I was not making any headway. I had supplemented with D3 but now this new regimen of FCLO and HVBO have actually made a difference. All the lies I have been told by medical professionals really irritate me and I keep uncovering them every day.
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    Vit D toxity is only when you are short on Vit A.

    Watch the sunscreens... if you aren't getting a good natural one they do more harm then good!

    I was outside most the weekend.. it was sunny. I did NOT burn. I did get into the shade when it was available.
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