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    Quote Originally Posted by MightyAl View Post
    Dental plaque has almost disappeared after fighting with it for the past 2 years. It got so bad I could feel a build up and could chip it off with my fingernail. The disturbing part is I was brushing twice a day and flossing every night. Now I hardly ever brush or floss and my teeth feel like I just had a dental cleaning every day.

    All the lies I have been told by medical professionals really irritate me and I keep uncovering them every day.
    Thank-you My teeth have been like that since i got braces as an adult [ stupid, vain me]. Now I have something else that may get better.

    I agree, all those years wasted following conventional wisdom. It's sad how far from the truth they are.

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    I think that if you eat a lot of dietary fat and dietary cholesterol, this provides the body with more of the raw nutrients it needs so it can use the sun as a catalyst for making useful things including letting you go brown in the sun. So according to that theory, if you are eating plenty of meat and animal fat you should tan more easily this year and enjoy being in the sun more.

    I started this thread abut it:

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    Is there a time in the day, say midafternoon, when vitamin D levels may be higher?

    I let my kids play outside without sunscreen in the morning (up to 11am at least), then put sunscreen on them during the noon-afternoon hours. I may only reapply once (around 2pm), so once 4pm hits, I'm guessing it's all worn off by then.

    Can they absorb an adequate amount of vitamin D in the morning, late afternoon/evening, as long as they are exposed to the sun?

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    I am the type that never burns, only tans. I live very close to the equator, but despite daily sun exposure, had very low vitamin D. For whatever reason, my body seems unable to process vitamin D from light. I have been taking vitamin D3 drops on recommendation from these boards (since like 2 years ago) and my D levels have been in the 60 - 80ish range ever since. Good luck! I hope it works out for you.

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    Funny what you find, just when you're looking for it. I was just coming on here to ask about this, because I've noticed recently that I have a LOT more hair coming out than usual. I have a lot of hair (a whole lot) and I'm not seeing bald patches or anything, thank goodness, but there's a lot more in the drain and in my hairbrush than usual. My last blood test when I started Primal at the New Year did say I was low, though I didn't get my levels. Not sure what course to take now, supplements or anything, eat more dairy (I loathe yogurt, I only like the vanilla kind, but of course that has sugar in it). We're hoping to have a baby this year so I'd like to get this sorted out sooner rather than later...

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    Why not get some natural yoghurt and stir vanilla seeds into it? (Apart from the cost, of course.)

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