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Thread: Fell off the wagon!

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    Fell off the wagon!

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    Hi all

    Just a note to see if anyone else has regretted momentary lapses.
    Went to a friends buffet lunch yesterday, it was a share food thing so we took Homemade Coleslaw with our own Mayo, Salad and some cooked beef.
    I ate mostly what we took but I had some Chicken Mayo salad which looked quite innocuous, and had a dessert of Chocolat Torte which I was assured was mostly bitter chocolate and cream.

    Two hours later and I was feeling like s**t!
    Nauseous, headache, dizzy and generally unwell. 3 visits to the bathroom and a few hours later I was still feeling bad. Tried to go to bed but my pulse rate was over 85 (usually 65-70).
    I finally got my pulse rate below 70 at about 1am and then slept (badly).

    I can only guess at the cause, too much sugar is my first guess, too much oil in the mayo on 2 salads one of which was "vegetable oil". I did have 2 glasses of red wine, but I do sometimes have 1 or 2 glasses a week anyway.

    I've been Primal for 2 months and It's suiting me well normally.

    Anyone else had bad experiences with food after doing Primal for a while?

    I feel OK today and it's definately back to food I know from now on, I'm off for a sausgage!

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