OK, I just finished commiting myself 100% to primal, and I think I did pretty well considering the sheer number of functions I had to attend - definitely achieved 80%. Results were mixed - I lost a kilo, but didn't lose any centimeters, so whether or not this is fat or was just water from my two weeks VLC is debatable. I think water.

Anyway, no matter what I do I can't lose weight, but the only way forward is sticking to the primal way of eating for life. Going back to old ways isn't going to help me lose weight - proven in the past.

So, moving forward, my goals are:
Stick to primal diet 100%
Continue to do my best to avoid the siren call of pepsi max and coke zero.
Weights at least twice a week, sprints once per week.
Cardio, but not lapse into chronic cardio.

Eating - I am going to start by trialling a kind of carb cycling, although an expert on it probably would tell me this isn't what I'm doing at all. Sundays and Mondays I am going to eat higher carb (from pumpkin mainly), the remaining 5 days I am going to be low carb (<30g). Hopefully this will keep my body guessing.

Also it has been suggested that I cut out dairy. This was my last bastion - the final thing have been resisting. I have just under 2 of goat milk in the fridge and a piece of cheese. When these are gone, from the very next day, I am cutting out dairy, trialling for a month. If nothing else it will eliminate it as a cause for not losing. At best I lose weight, and giving up the dairy will have been worthwhile...