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    White stuff for my coffee?

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    I don't tolerate uncultured dairy.

    I also don't tolerate coconut.

    Almond milk does not make fuzz for lattes and it tastes like dirt.

    That leaves me with soy---which I actually tolerate well and have drunk for years and years.

    I'm not giving up my lattes.......

    Any other ideas? Any decent brand of almond milk?

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    Black? Buy some actually good coffee and you won't know the difference

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    Milk of magnesia
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    Quote Originally Posted by fuzzylogic View Post

    Any other ideas? Any decent brand of almond milk?
    Make your own.
    How to Make Almond Milk | Wishful Chef
    Much better than the naff storebought stuff
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    Quote Originally Posted by peril View Post
    Milk of magnesia
    lol. that coffee would certainly provide explosive energy.
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    Have you tried MimiCreme? It's made from cashews.
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    You know. If it it's a latte fix you're after, I discovered a weird thing about stevia.

    Which you may also dislike or not tolerate, but just for general info:

    If you get the white powder stevia- not the green, so it's been processed, but also not any kind of blended brand, just pure white powder stevia- and add it to coffee and ice and blend on ice crush? You'll get this wicked hyper-foam effect. I have no idea WHY, some random chemical difference between stevia and sugar, I suppose. This does not work with splenda, or with honey, or with anything else that a pastry chef friend of mine determinedly tried out just to see what was going on. You don't even get that crazy foam effect from milk. Only creams- high fat sheeps, cow, or goat's milk- whip up more. Even full fat coconut milk doesn't do it. Soy milk either.

    So if you just want foamy coffee, try it out. It would have to be iced lattes, but it is that time of year anyway.

    BTW- if you like matcha lattes, it's also great for those.
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    Have you tried heavy whipping cream? It's mostly fat, like butter. Tolerable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuzzylogic View Post
    I don't tolerate uncultured dairy.
    How bad is your intolerance? If it's only mild, try RAW creme fraiche. You'll have to find a farm near you, but it might be well-worth the drive and money.

    The stuff Bork posted looks promising, too. I've seen it at Whole Foods, but haven't tried it. Might be worth a shot!

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