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Thread: Accidentally discovered gluten intolerance / sensitivity / celiac?

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    Accidentally discovered gluten intolerance / sensitivity / celiac?

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    So, the short version is that I think I may have discovered a substantial gluten sensitivity. I'm at 30 days now no dairy, no grains.

    Did anyone else go through an accidental discovery process of either gluten intolerance/sensitivity or even celiac while on a primal journey? (I'm especially wondering about those of you struggling with overweight as opposed to "classic" underweight celiac or gluten sensitivity, since that's where I'm at).

    So many questions. I'll start with just a few: Did primal help you in the short run? How was your weight 30, 60, 90 + days out? More importantly, how was your health? How IS your health? Did you get a diagnosis or just stick to it and never look back? Were nightshades a problem for you?

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    I most certainly found a gluten sensitivity. I have been relatively grain free for a year, but I have occasionally added in some of the grains here and there, but never wheat. I get an upset stomach when I eat anything with wheat flour in it. Before eating primal, I had no idea at all that I was sensitive to gluten....I never had digestive issues. It has only been AFTER going primal that I can't tolerate it.

    I am naturally down a few pounds this year without any kind of deprivation or serious decision to lose weight. I'm about 30 pounds overweight still, and have just recently decided to work a little harder at doing the things that cause weight loss. My health both before and after has been very good, but I do have to say that my ability to fight off viruses is improved. I get over colds, flu, etc. very quickly now, so I think my body is stronger.

    Nightshades have not been a problem.

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    Very interesting, tumbleweed, thanks for your reply. Somewhat like you, I had never experienced sensitivity like this before going 100%.

    What do you notice are the things that help you lose or get in the way of reducing weight? I wonder whether it's true that once the gut heals or balances out (if it can), that only then weight regulates itself. Or maybe that's a crock, I don't know!

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    Yes, DH has discovered that he has an allergy or celiacs. Fever, chills, cramps, indigestion, mood swings, diarrhea, etc. In-laws think we brought it on by going grainfree. They don't believe he lived with it for 10+ years. Living with an on going sensitivity you learn to ignore your body. Removing the offending food and healing makes you notice the results more.

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    I have to eliminate dairy and most of the nuts and fruit to lose weight. I also have to IF a couple of times a week. The thing that slows me down the most is my sedentary lifestyle. When I get outside and exercise everyday, I don't have any trouble losing weight.

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    I had a piece of rye bread the other day (nothing else in the house literally) and my bones immediately started to hurt and my stomach hurt really bad after.....i have learned my was not good!
    I'm too stubborn to give up so I keep on trying.

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    @Linny It's tempting to think that, though. Even though it's not logical. Had those same thoughts, myself.

    @Tumbleweed ok so really cutting out all sugars and calorie-dense foods.

    @PrimalPrincess7 yikes! Bone pain is no good!
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    I had no digestive issues in my pre-paleo life at all. I thought I was the ideal GI system role model. Nary a peep from my gut, worked well, never noticed it. THEN, once I made the switch to paleo/primal, autoimmune protocol, I have had the most terrible time when adding back in dairy. I have not tried wheat yet, but think I got a wheat exposure out at dinner one night, and felt terrible. Heavy stomach feeling, woozy, tired, whiny, needed to lie down asap. NEVER had I had any sort of food reaction before--even when other people got sick eating the same thing I had. With dairy, I am pretty sure it was seriously sore muscles, quads were sore to the tough despite no exercise, also swollen appearance. Three days of ice cream in a row led to it. I am scared to mess around and ever even try it again for a long while.
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    Yes, I found out I had a gluten sensitivity by accident. I was using the Primal/Paleo diet to lose weight, but was having digestion issues and acid reflux. Once I cut out the wheat, that all went away. If I eat food with wheat now, it can really tear me up inside. Small amounts don't bother me too bad, but still cause enough discomfort that I try to avoid at all costs. I don't have the same problem with rice, dairy, or legumes, so I know it's just the wheat/gluten.

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    I found it by accident also. I knew I had skin issues and inflamed tissue but never knew what caused it until I did whole 30. I just did an experiment friday and ate SAD foods all day. Saturday morning all those issues were back and screaming at me. MY doctors previously had told me it was caffeine making my tissue swell, but I had not a single drop of caffeine. Today I am finally starting to feel normal again. So no grains for me. I think corn does the worst damage and it's in all SAD food.

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