Lose another 20 pounds or take Tamoxifen for five years, wwyd? I'm choosing the weight loss and hoping that works out.

Here's the story, 59 years old, recently diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. Planning surgery in a few weeks, radical enough that I can safely pass on the radiation treatments. Oncologist says that chemo wouldn't make a big enough difference in my survival odds, so I can skip that too. BUT, I have a tumor that is highly (like 99%) responsive to estrogen, so she says I really must take the drugs that lower the estrogen.

Would have sworn I have no estrogen remaining since I'm now 8 years past menopause. See, I said this was for the ladies! Two or so years ago I figured out that I was pre-diabetic and went on a low carb diet, losing 35 pounds that are still gone. But I do have the remains of a menopot, and that fat holds onto estrogen really well. I highly doubt I will be able to take the meds, so losing the weight is my best bet.

My body stopped losing with about 20 extra left, and NOTHING has made it budge, including switching to Primal about 6 months ago. I have not been perfect on Primal, but felt great, so I just didn't sweat it. Nice even blood sugar, no more IBS, relief from pain due to Sjogrens, better energy. Not quite enough that I work out regularly and that needs to change too.

Since my diagnosis about two weeks ago, I have been much stricter. My wine consumption went from 1/2 bottle per night to 3-4 glasses per week. I quit snacking, especially nuts. No more Atkins bars, even in emergencies, no occasional gluten free goodies. I am eating less, and started walking on my treadmill at least every other day.

In those two weeks, I gained two pounds. Yay! I'm pretty certain that I have a sluggish thyroid, so that's something I will be working on too. I am seeing an Integrative medical doctor on May 10, so I really hope she will help with that. Slow thyroid and breast cancer might be connected, there are so many theories out there.

Hoping that having a Journal here will help me figure some things out, though I may go missing now and then. Hope I get some occasional comments with helpful suggestions, as I plan to post what I eat.

My tip for the day: don't habitually wear your cel phone anywhere near your boobs!