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Thread: Advice on getting lean without losing more weight

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    Agree with some of the above.

    You are training too much. You are not giving your body enough time to recover and then get stronger.

    Try training less but with better quality and also make sure your form/technique is good. Don't you hate those guys in the gym who pick up heavy weights but cannot do the exercises properly. you say you are lifting as heavy as you can which might mean you are sprinting before you can jog.


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    i agree that you are working out too much/too hard. The stress that is causing on your body may very well be in the way of you seeing results.

    Since going primal about 10 months ago, I also dropped my total workout time to about 3-3.5 hours a week. I was in decent shape/body comp before, but now I'm very happy with where I am.

    41 y.o.
    153 lbs
    Body fat estimate (scale/measuring averaged) - 11-12%

    I do a leangains-style fast every day (eating in the window of 1 p.m. - 9 p.m.) I'm pretty strict primal (with dairy) throughout. I certainly feel like I hit 80% compliance, usually probably more like 90-95%. Since I train early morning, I follow lean gains advice and consume 10g BCAA before and 10g BCAA after my workout.

    3 days a week I'm doing kettlebell work (per ETK); including warmup and stretching after, it's usually 40-50 minutes. Two days a week I do a MetCon focused TRX (or bodyweight) workout, usually no more than 30 minutes. I take two days off a week. I have a 22-month-old girl for whom I am the primary care-giver, so we get a lot of moving into our day - going for walks, playing at the playground, "carry me", etc.

    I get 7-8 hours of sleep most nights.

    I don't have a before picture, but here's where I am

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    Achon, I'm a personal trainer and would suggest to you to change things up a bit. Your program is pretty advanced for someone who wants to gain strength and lower body fat. First off drop the super sets and just do straight sets. 3x10 will increase the size of your muscle while doing more weight and less reps (5x6 for example) will increase your strength to weight ratio. This will also help you to lower your body fat percentage quite quickly.

    When you're lifting heavy, you want to find a weight that you can lift 3-5 times maximally. Your rest period should be between 2 and 3 minutes when you're lifting heavy weights , 1 minute to 90 seconds when lifting 3x10.

    I wouldn't lift anything that you're able to lift for more than 3x10 because your body switches and starts using a different energy source that's more efficient for endurance vs strength.

    Compound lifts are the best to begin with then add in additional isolation exercises. For instance:

    Program one

    Barbell Dead lift 3x10
    Assisted chin ups 3x10
    Incline bench press 3x10

    You could just stop there if you like or like I say add some isolation exercises like:

    Standing EZ bar curl 3 x 10
    EZ bar skull crusher 3x10

    Add those after your chin ups and incline press respectively.

    HIIT (high intensity interval training) should not take you 20 minutes. As a matter of fact if it is taking you 20 minutes you're not doing it right. HIIT is meant for short bursts of extreme energy. For instance:

    6 intervals of the following

    Using a 12 kg kettle bell
    10 seconds of jumping followed by 20 second rest. Back to back to back until you've jumped for 10 seconds 6 times. If you can't do the jumping because of your knees, do swings with a heavy kettle or battle ropes.

    That goes into my next point. Your knees. Google vastus medialus exercises. That's the little tear drop muscle on the inside of your quad just above your knee. Focus on strengthening that muscle to help with your knees.

    I hope this helps. Oh! And one more thing. It seems like you do, but do a journal of your work outs. What you did, how you felt, how many sets and what weights you used. Good luck and have fun!

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