Hi Everyone,

I have been living/eating primal for about 6 months. Love it and will never go back, I look better, feel better, love what I eat and my choices for activities. I have two boys who are 4 and 2 and they even look better, they used to have huge distented bellies which I thought was normal for kids their age, those are gone and they look great, they even look almost muscular for their age. They are troopers too, they like the food they are being given and don't feel like they should eat junk food, soaking it all in.

Anyways I have a couple of questions, the first being that my teeth are getting more and more sensitive. Both to hot and cold, and even sweet things. Anyone have any idea why?

The other question is how important is it to buy grass-fed meats and dairy? We are on a really strict budget and I feel like eating the right things is the most important at this point and we will grow into buying the good stuff. Any thoughts?