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Thread: High LDL number & Statin Drugs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linny View Post
    I think your numbers look really good. I know the total seems really high but with an HDL of 107 you'll never get TC below 200.
    Good point... I think I need to ask my MD for the more specific LDL tests to prove to him that I don't need the statins.

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    The test you want to have is called a VAP test. It will directly measure your LDL particle size and the MD will quietly curl up in the corner babbling in complete confusion when the report says your likelihood of a heart attach is less than 10%. By the looks of your AWESOME numbers, I'm sure the LDL you do have is Light Fluffy (called "pattern A") and nothing at all to worry about.

    Your MD may still try to convince you to go on the statins, even in the face of all the evidence in the world that it would be nuts. I had to agree to disagree, telling my MD outright that the script, if she gave it to me, would be deposited in the lobby trash can on the way out of the office. She was shocked anyone would say such a thing, but finally had to agree that perhaps there was something to this after reading the stack of research papers I handed her upon my departure.
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    Last year, I got my cholesterol numbers. My LDL was 232. Yep. My HDL was about 121, and my overall was more than 300. My tris were 30-something. My primary doc wanted me on meds. I changed docs. New doc isn't thrilled with the numbers and highly recommended a Mediterranean diet. I tried that. Not for me. Now I'm back on primal/paleo. Heck with it. I'm not going to freak out over my cholesterol. I'm just not.

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