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Thread: New love for fitness;okay to do something everyday?

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    New love for fitness;okay to do something everyday?

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    I have never enjoyed working out before. Since eating primal, I love it! Not sure what has gotten into me, but it doesn't feel right unless I do something physical everyday. Is it crucial to have a "rest day"? Granted, I don't train hard or lift heavy (currently, no access to a gym for weights).

    Here is an example of what I've been doing lately.

    Sunday: 45 minute walk with some sprints, running stairs, pilates
    Monday: 45 minutes of lower body weight exercises like squats and lunges with cardio intervals
    Tuesday: 45 minutes of ab exercises with cardo intervals
    Wednesday: same as Monday
    Thursday: same as Tuesday
    Friday: same as Mon/ Weds
    Saturday: same as Tues/ Thurs with 30 minute walk with sprints and running stairs

    Also, shorts weather is already here in Oklahoma, so I'm trying to get this bod in shape!
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    I don't see too much of an issue with it if your recovery isn't affected. If you are doing a lower/upper body split, you should be okay. My only two recommendations would be as follows:

    1) Do 2 on, 1 off for resistance exercises (ex MT - lower/upper, W - go for a walk, do yoga, do Pilates, whatever floats your boat, ThF - lower/upper, Sat - sprint, Sun - rest if necessary, or repeat W) so you aren't going all-out every day. You at least need to tone it down a few levels one or two days to avoid overtraining, but there's no need to be sedentary.

    2) Instead of focusing on ab exercises, do upper body exercises (pushups/pullups) and throw in some of your favorite ab exercises as "active rest." There's no real need to spend 45 minutes on abs, especially when you aren't training your upper body at all (based on your description). Also, you're doing Pilates on Sunday, which I understand involves training your core. So you are working core Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, but not touching upper body.

    Those are just my thoughts, I don't intend to present them as gospel truth. If what you are doing feels good and addresses your goals, feel free to read, nod your head, and summarily ignore me

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    I workout everyday pretty hard and have no issue with it. You just have to vary your activities so you are doing something different everyday. This way you don't end up with overuse injuries and overtraining is pretty much non existent. I'll switch up heavy lifting, cardio weight circuits, running, ellyptical, kettlebells, yoga, etc... so I'm not doing the same thing any two days.When I have more time I'll even hit it twice a day. It works very well for me, and I'm in my mid 40's.
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