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Thread: How did you lower your LDL?

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    How did you lower your LDL?

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    Mine's quite high - 274 (although my Tri's are relatively ok at 77).

    Those of you who successfully lowered your LDL:

    - What foods did you add/cut?
    - What supplements did you add?
    - What were your stats before/after?

    Would love to get this under control. Thanks.

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    I just ate more fish to raise my HDL instead.
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    LDL is still usually indirectly calculated using the 1971 Freidewald equation (LDL = Total Cholesterol - HDL - [Triglycerides/5]). So, raising your HDL will directly lower the LDL number you obtain from your blood lab report. Also, interestingly enough, raising your triglycerides (TG) above 400 (which you don't want to do, BTW) would tweak the LDL numbers as well. According to Dr. Eades:

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