Being a reporter is a tough job sometimes. I am invited to tons of things where there is free food. Sometimes I can manage. If I don't eat, people act offended, especially at smaller functions. Yesterday, I turned down a spaghetti lunch at an event I covered (and I love spaghetti). Today, I'm in the midst of a fast and a coworker just let me know there is pizza (from my fave pizza place in town, nonetheless) in the break room.

Do I want to look like the majority of the people that eat said food? No.

But, my coworkers often make snide remarks to me about what I'm eating or act offended because I don't want to partake in baby shower food or morning donuts. It may not help that I'm the youngest one in the office. The other women are a lot older than me and I work with a lot of men.

At events or banquets, people practically try to shove food down my face. They also act offended if I don't want to eat. They don't understand; it's not that I don't want to eat because the food looks great! It's because I don't want to eat that kind of food.

Same happens when I'm with family...but, anyways...

How do you handle these situations? I know food allergies can be life threatening for some people, so I don't want to feign an allergy. Plus, these people have seen me partake from time to time. It's just irritating. I don't understand why people care if you eat or not.