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    The problem I have, is that most of the people I work with remember I was a vegan...

    ... when one noticed I was eating a CHICKEN BREAST in the lunch room, the entire place went silent and everyone turned and stared at me. oh boy.

    It's been a few months now, and most of them have shrugged it off, though occasionally I get the "you can have it, it's vegan!" remark when offered food.

    When we have parties at work, I will cruise the potluck, and pick out a couple of things (veggies, guac, etc.), and go tell someone how wonderful their dish was.

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    What's outrageous about this is that there's a stigma for taking good care of yourself. That's completely backwards.

    Anyway, my default response is "I feel better when I eat well". It shouldn't take any more than that. If they can't handle your lifestyle, that's their problem and not yours.

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    I usually say, "I don't eat grains." I am in that stage of my life where idgaf what people think. Especially fat cw ppl.

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    It's amazing to me that anyone would be so rude as to repeatedly insist that someone eat a donut or some other office treat. I'm sure after the third repetition I would say something like "what part of no thank you don't you understand?" Or "i already said i don't want any. You can take a break from your food police duties now." I wouldn't worry about being nasty to someone who was that unbelievably aggressive and rude.

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    My office is pretty good really. Fairly frequently (probably weekly on average) there are chocolates, cakes, doughnuts etc brought in for some occasion or other but they tend to just be left on a convenient table and people help themselves, hence its easy just to not bother.

    If someone does offer me something, I tend to just say "no thanks, it looks really good but I don't really eat gluten" in a slightly regretful way. I also tend to add that I'm not full on allergic to it like celiacs but that I do have an intolerance and it just generally makes me feel a bit rubbish. If its not got gluten in it, then 99% of the time there will be sugar in whatever is being offered so I'll just say that I avoid sugar as I react really strongly to it and I don't want to hit the ceiling then the floor a wee while later! A bit of humour and regret always help smooth things over and then people tend to feel sorry for you rather than that you are criticising them. Also, that way I'm being honest and now the office knows so I rarely get people trying to feed me things. I only mention primal/paleo if people seem genuinely interested or if they really push for details.

    I've found its a good approach. I'm being upfront and honest so the office know but I'm placing the reasons for it squarely in line with my own allergies/reactions so I'm not making others defensive. You have to work with people day in day out so office harmony is pretty important. People can generally tell when you're making excuses and the more you do the more they are likely to get offended. So, gentle honesty with a bit of humour and directing the blame at yourself for not being able to eat something, rather than at them for bringing it tends to work wonders!

    Another trick that I have is if someone points out that they have brought things in, rather than remind them I don't eat it I just say "aw, cool, thanks!" and if need be I'll make some pleasantry about not wanting any just now but maybe later. About 60% of the time they realise why I'm saying no and appologise

    The other thing that I've noticed is that if you bring in chocolates/cakes etc yourself for everyone else then it brings everyone on side. I bring in things for occasions just like everyone else and that makes people feel like you aren't being all high-and-mighty. At first I thought I should just bring in fruit rather than add to the poisen, but everyone else in the office is a sugar burner so they think its really mean to only bring in fruit. Normally I just take the lazy option and buy whatever chocolate is on offer in the supermarket plus some fruit, but my best win was actually a batch of fantastic gluten free, and sugar-free raspberry muffins that I did for my birthday. You can't really tell the recipe is gluten-free so I did about a quarter normally, and I threw a whole load of chocolate chips into the rest of the batch. I was able to eat the normal ones (it was my birthday so I wanted to be able to join in!) and everyone else loved the chocolate and raspberry muffins. Home-baked goes down a treat

    Sugar is my nicotine...

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    I know it can be tough, but seriously, get over it. If someone is offended, that's their freaking problem. That person is an idiot and they are just trying to bring you down with them. Deep down they probably feel some guilt about the fact that they're destroying themselves and they just want someone along with the ride so they won't feel so bad. I work in an office too and I never eat anything that is offered. I always decline politely and that's that. If someone has a problem, I don't give a shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingofturtles View Post
    I usually say, "I don't eat grains." I am in that stage of my life where idgaf what people think. Especially fat cw ppl.

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    We face an unfortunate double standard. I can't imagine anyone pressuring a vegan to eat a steak at the office fourth of July cookout. All they have to say is "no thanks, I'm vegan," and people will fall all over themselves trying to accommodate them. We say "no thanks, I'm paleo," and people treat us like we have some kind of eating disorder and need them to cure us - namely with pizza and donuts.

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    I have this scenario at least twice a week.

    It is pretty frustrating but I have taken up watching people eat as a hobby

    It is quite revealing the things people eat or what they put on their plate.

    You are what you eat at the end of the day!
    2010 - 5,11 and 101KG

    2012 - 5,11 and 77KG

    Train hard, eat well and love life

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    Quote Originally Posted by benevit2012 View Post
    definitely everybody loves to eat healthy foods but what are those healthy foods that we need to eat? First of all we must eat foods that has the 3 main ingredients which are Go, GROW, Glow foods. You don't want to skip this ingredients in your meal. It is also healthy to eat 3 times a day but with minimum rice at night. Eating healthy foods also keeps your skin healthy and avoid Eksem to appear in your body. It is very important to take good care of your body to stay fit and healthy. Lastly don't ever skip meals.
    Skipping meals is very Primal~ not skipping meals is CW. I think you just want to sell your product because you have no idea what you're talking about!

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