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Thread: When you're expected to eat...

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    My co-workers are extremely understanding when I tell them I can't tolerate wheat and trans fat. I tell them about the inflammation I get and they never criticize or make fun, some have expressed an interest even.

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    My husband faces a lot of food pressure at his work so he will go and get a piece of whatever, pretend to eat some as he's walking away with the plate and then take it back to his office where he hides the remains in an envelope before pitching it
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    I am i the same boat. I am one of the youngest at our lawfirm and they normally cater food for us to eat. I usually respectfully decline their food by letting them know I am on a diet/cleansing my body but otherwise I would love to dine with them. It is a rough path alone and luckily my brother does PB as well and we kind of support each other at family functions and through out the day. The other day was my father's birthday and we had pizza(which is the most missed food by me) and strawberry cake(I had to almost be put in restraints) but I think to myself is it worth it to eat something that will make me happy for 5 minutes that I am eating it? Nope so I fight the urge.

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    I deal with this as well. Sometimes I think people feel guilty that they are eating the crap so they feel better when they can push it on someone else. I am lucky, though, that my work often gets catering from Baja Fresh and I can semi-turn that into something I can eat. It's nice to be able to partake even if I'm pulling steak out of a tortilla in order to do it!

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    I am always nice in declining things, but I tell the truth on the long shot that somebody will actually ask me some details and benefit from it. That never happens though. I do get some crap, but it is worth it. They can think I'm strange all they want...I really do not care. Fitting in would mean not fitting in my jeans...My job is very important to me and my family, but I don't need any job that badly.

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    I usually just say either that I am having some digestive issues at the moment - people can usually figure out what that means and they know better than to try to convince someone in that situation to eat. It's the easiest way to get out of eating without having to go into too much detail. If someone is really being aggressive about it, I'll go more into detail about my diarrea, gas, and bloating, and watch how fast they back off! Plus, they're less likely in the future to continue pressing once I've said 'no thanks'.

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    My story is a bit different. I work in the production side of a newspaper. One Friday we had a huge water spill which caused all of us, about 30 people, to work through lunch to get it under control. Anyway the boss comes over and says "I ordered pizza for all you guys", then looking at me he said "I know you don't eat pizza so I ordered you and your 'converts' (3 people have jumped on-board with me) salads"! How cool is that?

    That said, most people ask me what I'm doing to lose so much weight (245 Jan 2011, 192 May 2012). Some are truly interested and others say "no bread?", can't do that, and that's the end of it. I feel very fortunate to work in such a tolerant environment. We all really do try and get along and accept each others differences. After all, we're just trying to make a living!

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    The worst is when the GF's mom buys a gluten-free cake. I have manners, but I won't eat some canola oil/rice flour sugarbomb to spare anyone's feelings. I just say "no thanks." GF will eat a few bites or just make it look like she ate some and then throw out her plate when her mom's otherwise occupied.

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    On reading the info about it I was struck by how low carb it is and how similar to Primal. And it is something WE can all use, if a restaurant hassles you say you are following this for IBS - after all, that's a recognised 'condition', whereas some people really seem to resent a fat person trying to get thin.

    I just found out about this yesterday via a friend on a cat forum who has irritable bowel syndrome. She has been prescribed this diet.

    And of course, it falls into the fructose/lactose intolerance areas which many low carbers find they had after they do low carb with little fruit for a while.

    FODMAP is term coined by researchers at Monash University in Melbourne to describe a group of sugars that can be poorly absorbed, contributing to the onset of symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The FODMAP acronym stands for:
    Fermentable Oligo-saccharides Di-saccharides Mono-saccharides And Polyols
    You can see why the acronym was needed…
    So, these FODMAP sugars include:
    Fructose – found in fruit, honey, juices.
    Lactose – found in milk and milk products.
    Sugar polyols such as sorbitol and mannitol – found in some fruits and vegetables and as artificial sweetner.
    Fructans – found in wheat, rye, onions, garlic.
    Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) – found in legumes such as chickpeas, kidney beans or baked beans.
    When these sugars are poorly absorbed in the small intestine increased water can be drawn into the gut, which can result in diarrhoea in some people. For others, the sugars travel to the large intestine where they are fermented by bacteria, producing gas. This gas can lead to bloating, flatulence, pain and nausea. It can also cause bowel movement to slow down which can contribute to constipation.

    A couple of sites that talk about it and the first one has recipes:
    Low FODMAP
    Let’s talk FODMAPS
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    Quote Originally Posted by Analog6 View Post
    On reading the info about it I was struck by how low carb it is and how similar to Primal. And it is something WE can all use, if a restaurant hassles you say you are following this for IBS - after all, that's a recognised 'condition', whereas some people really seem to resent a fat person trying to get thin.
    Are people actually getting grief from restaurants? I generally consider my infrequent meals at a sit-down restaurant to be part of the 20% in my 80/20 adherence. But even when I go all out and tell them no bun for my burger, no croutons in my salad, and veggies instead of fries I have never once been asked why.

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