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    I went primal a month ago the first three weeks i was lifting weight pretty regularly and running and so far i have lost 19 pounds i have more energy and feel better all around. but what I was wondering is i am fairly active at work i walk an average of 5 to 7 miles daily at work and when things break down (i'm a mechanic) i'm running around and carrying heavy things like motors and gearboxes up stairs and ladders and wrenching on things so i was wondering do i still need to spend time working out at home or should my activity at work be enough? Im looking at it from a weight loss standpoint right now i still have sixty five pounds to go before i get to my goal weight. I do enjoy working out at home but its kinda hard to get around to it during the week cause i got a little one and the hours before i got to work i like to spend it relaxing and playing with her

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    Maybe workout on the weekends then. One day max strength and one day sprints?

    I have a 2 year old son who loves to workout with me... it's halirous to watch him do

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    If you get a lot of walking etc. at work I wouldn't worry about working out more than 2 times a week. Maybe have two weight lifting sessions, when you have the time. I wouldn't worry about running etc, unless you are doing short sprints.

    You could also do the 'body by science' approach which involves only 1 major workout a week. You job would give you enough activity to cover the rest.

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    I "lift" my kids! My two year old love when I hold him by his ankles and lift him up and down behind my head...great for the triceps.

    My almost-7 year old's favorite is when I lay on my back and he sits on my feet and I raise and lower him, or see how long I can hold him at whatever angle.

    And the 4 year does whatever she can, but also acts as my trainer. At least one day a week she takes me through the paces. She picks something and we do ten of them...jumping, push-ups, leg lifts, stretching, more jumping, lunges, twisting...whatever she comes up with. Sometimes we just sing "head, shoulders, knees and toes" until we fall in a pile on the floor laughing! Then the two year old tackles me!

    Good clean PLAY...I mean workouts!

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