Hi all,

I have a quantity of Coconut Oil that I've been using for deep frying. I chose an organic, all-natural, REFINED brand since it is more stable than Virgin Coconut Oil at higher heat, and it doesn't impart coconut flavour, which I don't always want. I do understand the benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil, have it on hand and use it extensively, but this post is discussing the REFINED oil in particular.

After the first time I heated it, it never reverted back to a solid state. It approximately half solidified, though. The next few times, it solidified less and less. Now, it won't solidify at all at room temperature, even if left for 3 or 4 days. The fresh unheated stuff in the container is solid, so it isn't a room temperature thing.

Obviously, this indicates some sort of chemical change in the coconut oil... But I am confused, because coconut oil isn't supposed to degrade with heating (or repeated heating) and I have never heated it to smoke point. I have found resources that indicated refined coconut oil can be reused (topped up with fresh refined oil) almost indefinitely, so I am a little confused by these changes to the oil. I had hoped that I could get at least 3-6 months out of it, topping it up as needed.

Thanks in advance!