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Thread: Easy, Delish Chocolate Chili

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    Heaven in a Bowl

    Heaven in a Bowl. Thanks to some of the people on this board, I finally had the guts to take a stab at chocolate chili. YUM! All I can say is "Thank you for encouraging me to give it a whirl!"

    This particular recipe is blessed. I kid you not. Takes sooo little effort and is sooo scrumptious, you simply must give it a try. Yep -I made the leap today and am now convinced. After hearing so much about chocolate chili (I couldn't fathom this. Coffee chili - yes, chocolate chili-no), I made some - and it is delicious! All day people kept saying how good the house smelled. Oh my oh my! My teenagers asked me to make it again...with a "please" on the end, and DH wanted to take a batch to work next week. WOOT.

    Recipe here

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