Hi there all Primal People!

I have a question for Mark and perhaps someone out there has experienced similar symptoms as I have.

I have been a competitive fitness athlete for about 4 years (i am now 38). I started utilising the IF (Leangains) approach a year and a half ago, with huge sucess. I have always remained lean as I was a gymnast my whole life and athletic. Last year while training for a fitess comp here in Cape Town, South Africa, I developed a hip injury which has put me out of competitive fitness comps indefinately. I had microfraction surgery in my hip joint in August 2011 and am on my way to having a hip replacement due to irrepairable trauma induced cartilage damage on the femur head. After the surgery last year I considered Paleo/Primal eating and started in Jan/Feb this year with the elimination of grains, dairy and sugar. Being an athlete grains were a large component of my diet.

Since going paleo/primal I have stopped mentruating and this concerns me. I am fasting quite long daily (16 to 17hrs) but really eat up with the typical primal meals in my eating phase (2pm to 9pm). Is the conjunction of IF with a low carb diet stressing my body to the point if feels it needs to hold back on my cycle? I do moderate training now, very primal according to Mark. I do pilates 3 x a week, yoga 1 or 2 x a week, 2 upper body weight training sessions, and 1 to 2 HIIT sessions a week on the spinning bike since I am unable to run. I am also seeing a biokineticist (2 x a week) for rehab on the affected hip joint to encourage stability and strength in the joint. However, my training intensity is nothing like it used to be while I was a competitive athlete. Any ideas what may be the problem? I do refeed ocassionally with the cheese cake and chcocolates (very non-paleo!!! I know) so do not think my leptin levels are too low??? Help!