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Thread: Researching PB - trying to understand ratios - help?

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    Now off to the gym....

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    Fairy and Mia...great info! You have no idea how I appreciate it. A little back round on my eating...

    I stopped eating gluten about 3 1.2 yrs ago, dairy 3 yrs ago, cooked foods about 2 yrs ago. Went from a SAD eater to vegetarian to vegan, to raw. Searching for a balance for my body, trying to heal some health issues. I even went almost 100% fruitarian for about 3 months, which I will admit I loved!!!!! But as everything else, this has been a journey. I will never say that fruits are bad for you...people seem to find niches that fit their bodies and life styles.

    Last Nov. I started adding in some animal proteins but still eat high raw. I am not ridged about it but I love eating and preparing raw foods. Last summer I attended raw culinary school.

    So with all of that, that is why my carbs are low already, because I don't so gluten's...I now just have to control my's all about balance! I also eat mainly at home so I can monitor my ingredients, freshness and to assure I eat high amounts of organic foods. These ratios that you are all sharing are a tremendous help now. I know I will get on a good track now.

    Have a great day!

    Amie Sue...

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