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    What do you suggest giving a teething infant in place of Zeiback toasts? Currently, she has only had breastmilk and a few fruits and veges that I am making myself. Thanks!

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    something that works wonderfully is a carrot...not a baby one, but a real, whole carrot...wash a few and keep them in the fridge. They're cool, which helps, and she can gnaw on them without you worrying about them breaking off, until she actually gets a ton of teeth! categoryId=85206

    This link is to something I used with my kids too...if I was worried about them choking on something by gnawing off a piece too large for them.

    Good luck!

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    annie i love that baby safe feeder thingy... i'm a huge fan of real foods (and not pureed) for babies, but that "sock" is great for a teething something-to-gnaw on (a cold slice of apple, or even just an ice cube stuck in it) and it's also fantastic for yummy squishy slippery foods that would normally end up on the floor because they're so slimy (think avocado and banana). Gotta remember to add those to my baby registry!

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    My primal alternative to an infant is my dog, Mendel.

    He is a vicious and dangerous beast.

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    ROFL, dang it, Grokologist -- you beat me to it. Pets are, indeed, an excellent alternative to infants.
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    Fur-babies rock... hopefully one day I'll add a human baby too.
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    my grandmother gave me chicken & rib bones to teeth on.

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    We used frozen bananas in that baby feeder thingy, too. Frozen helps numb the ouchy gums, too. Worked pretty well. Chicken leg bone w/o the little splinter bone works good, too. Used carrots, too - nice, big fat ones.

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    Wow, I so wish I'd been on here when I had my babies!!! They're 14 and 17 now, so too late LOL. I wasn't hippy enough back then.

    I do have a furry child now though, and yes it's like having a toddler!!! Craziness. She's pretty good company though. i have her on grain free food (spensive!!) and am going to start giving her rib bones and such for extra nutritional goodness.

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