Hi Everyone- pretty new to this primal living, started back in October, and I am thoroughly convinced!

I had my first Physical since about 4 years ago yesterday, and the results were nothing but stellar!

I started this Primal Transformation 6 months ago in October at about 320 Pounds at 6'2" (34 Years old)-- mind you I was an All American college football player in college about 12 years ago, so I was not a complete blob, but I had definitely let myself go! I weighed in yesterday at the doctor fully clothed with shoes on at 273. I am pretty sure I would have been 270 or less naked- that's a 50 pound difference!!!

I have always been a bigger guy due to my weightlifting background, and had some pretty good accomplishments in the weightroom- (500 pound bench press, 650 Squat- you get the picture)- and yes it was natural- no steroids!!!!! I finally decided that there is no reason to weigh this much anymore or carry this much bulk-- and that it was going to catch up to me sometime soon. Also- my wife is a chronic cardio girl- has ran 10 marathons, etc, and I obviously don't have the build, (or the knees) to run marathon's with her, but I knew that I needed to make a serious change or she would be a widow before I was 50.

I was reading about eating bacon and eggs for breakfast everyday, as I was going to start another Atkins adventure, when I saw the Primal Blueprint advertised on the webpage. Two days later, after rifling thru the book, I was on to my primal adventure.

I have totally cut out grains, (except for maybe an occasional pizza every two or three week), and have gone grass fed and organic almost 95%. It has totally changed my life. I think I actually think differently now that I eat so many good fats. I have stopped the chronic cardio that I hate anyways- and have continued the heavy lifting becuase I love it, and have transitioned to walks, some sprinting when my knees can handle it (repaired ACL and MCL injuries from prehistoric astroturf), and have even started walking the golf course carrying my bag with about 100 balls in it when I play.

My clothes don't fit- my shoes don't fit (pretty sure my feet were swollen), and I can actually start to see my abdominal muscles weighing 270 pounds- no lie!

I know it's not primal, but the last two weeks I have started something new with my wife- YOGA!

It has been good break from the gym a few days a week, and i think my golf swing has gotten too wide from the added flexibility.

So- back to the physical. The doctor and I spoke about diet and exercise, the conventional way they always do- "It doesn' matter what you eat, just how much of it you eat, no saturated fats, blah, blah, blah". I didn't tell him what I have been eating for six months- 4 eggs with bacon every single day for breakfast, meats, vegetables, and butter, butter, butter! My blood pressure was 120/80, pulse was 72, no prostrate problems- (that test sucks), electrocardiogram was normal, and I got my blood test results today.

Cholesterol - 179
HDL- 57
LDL- 115
Blood Sugar- normal

Only abnormal # was creatine? 1.4 when 1.3 is high? That is from my supplements I take he said, and to be careful.

So- I cannot complain- I just need to convince more people how awesome this makes me feel. First, and most difficult will be my wife! She is stuck on grains- I guess she needs some for running she says.

I need to get some before and after photos up, but I don't have any right now.

I have convinced a cousin to read the book, and he is on the same path as I am- he was in the same boat as me with the extra football bulk, etc.

To finish this off- I am grateful that I discovered this lifestyle (not diet- I get so tired of people asking me if I am still on "that" diet), and I will contiue to pursue further fat loss, and a better body composition. I fully intend to cut my grass this summer without my shirt on!

I almost forgot to mention that sex with my wife is WAY better when 50 pounds of blubber on my gut is not in the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I figured I would close with my favorite saying that my College Coach would say when we would complain about extra sprints or conditioning, and I think this applies to my life now and my pursuit of health and fitness when it gets rough.

Don't tell me about the pain, SHOW ME THE BABY!

Think about that one for awhile- it might take a second to sink in!

Gotta go- have some grass fed skirt steak marinating!!!!

I found a before (whale sighting) photo, and a couple from today. Still got some work to do, but I feel great!


after 1.jpg

4/26/2012- 4 Week Check in- Down another 8 pounds and I am feeling great! I feel like I can really tell that he fat is going away on my mid section- I am starting to see some muscles in my mid section better every day. Getting stronger again after losing some strength initially. My body is running like a sports car these days- it's awesome when I can feel it responding everyday. Did sprints yesterday afternoon with my Dog and I felt like I had drank 3 cups of coffee I was so jacked up yesterday- what an endorphine rush.

after 2.jpg

Have a great weekend.

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