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Thread: Squatting instead of sitting

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    you mean like these indiscreet?


    i saw something like these on a recent trip to japan in the international airport!

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    sully that is where we were stationed! but a long time ago...1980-1982

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    i'm gonna jump this thread back - anyone still squatting? i started squatting maybe two years ago when i read similar things online about the health benefits involved. this year when i moved back out onto my land (where i live in a three sided shed, no plumbing or electric), i knew i didn't care enough about sitting down to poop to build another toilet - last one i built i gave to a friend who didn't have one. and since i compost my waste, i figured i might as well just squat directly over a bucket. if i use a small (2 or 3 gallon) bucket it's fine. if i use a bigger one, it helps to have a few bricks or something to give me more height. you don't have to hold your ass up - in the article mark wrote, the graphic shows - you squat All the way, so the backs of your thighs are on your calves. it's not uncomfortable at all. if you need more stability, you can widen your stance and, if necessary, keep a hand on something nearby for balance. it's pretty exciting that the more steps i take toward the primal life that i want, the less trappings of civilization feel necessary, toilets included.

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    I scored a bout of whooping cough (pertusis, not sure what you call in OS) last year, the whole 100 days of coughing my guts up. My pelvic floor gave up the ghost completely. I've found squatting so much better than the lift and squeeze exercises for getting it back on track (not squatting over the loo, just general squatting)

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    I've seen that link before, but it seems like a pretty elaborate thing for my small bathroom. I have squatted to pee in the shower before, and I wonder if bending over while taking a dump would offer the same benefit as squatting does with regard to muscles/tendons around the descending colon.

    I was cleaning the kitchen floor the other day, and squatted when I was really paying attention to the near the walls and in the corners. It was actually more comfortable than I would have thought. This was with bare feet on a wet floor, mind you.

    Hmmm. I have a laptop. I have a music stand. Squatting to surf? Hmmmm.
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    Westernization of toilets has been happening rapidly in places like India, where pretty much everyone used squat toilets (or squatting defecating position). At rural areas, it was not uncommon to see people sitting on the floor - sometimes squatting and some times in "padmasana" yoga position (by the way this was the preferred eating posture for centuries and it still is in many rural areas) - sipping tea. Fascinating.

    At some point furniture became a status distinguisher just like television, refreigerator and an automobile became. All the little exercises, stretching and yoga deeply integrated with daily routine disappeared.
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