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Thread: Burger King to shift to cage free pork and chickens

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    Burger King to shift to cage free pork and chickens

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    Burger King vows cage-free chicken and pork - Business - US business - Food Inc. -

    Another practically meaningless baby step.

    Uhh, where's the beef? Looks like the beef industry has a lot more pull than the pork and poultry interests.

    Note the shift won't occur until 2017, still plenty of time to ruin your health in their restaurants. Even so, they said nothing about feeding their animals higher quality food, or stopping the use of growth hormones and antibiotics.

    The only positive out of this is that the animals aren't tortured as badly before they die and there is a chance that they will be fed less antibiotics if their living conditions are more sanitary (doubt it).

    This is the equivalent of Pepsi switching from high fructose corn syrup back to plain sugar and declaring themselves a health food company.

    As Michael Pollan says, if a food is advertising itself as a health food, it most definitely is not.
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    they will still cook their burgers on grills that share space with soybean oil-laden margarine and add spcies with other terrible stuff in them.

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