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Thread: Lamprey - must get some!

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    Lamprey - must get some!

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    I was struck by this article in the Teleg:

    Traditional lamprey pie for the Queen has to come from Canada for first time in centuries - Telegraph

    Then I read about them on Wikipedia:

    I have to try some! It is like when I read MonkeyGirl's description of brawn - something that sounds so delicious I decided immediate I had to have some. I will look for some in the fish market, and if need be maybe even learn to fish for them. I shouldn't just buy everything I eat.

    I think the article is being silly about not being able to find any in the Severn. That is just journalist story-making. I am sure it was just easier to send to Canada for some than mess about in the Severn with a net.

    Anyone eaten lamprey?
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