Hi: I do high intensity Crossfit workouts about 5x week. I am trying to balance my food intake as 3 meals a day is just too much and leaves me full...so I tried the 16 hour leangains fast described in a recent post by Mark. For two days I stopped eating at 9PM and didnt eat till 1PM (16 hour fast, 8 hours to eat). I went to bed full, felt fine ewarly AM, but by 10AM I was RAVAGED...so hungry I had to stop this after 2 days. is my body just adjusting to this "fast" or as I suspect is my body just needing steady food to recover from my intense workouts? I feel lie if I can balance my food intake and onto overeat, I will get better proportions and feel better (I feel too stuffed eating 3x day). Or should I just try to "eat when hungry" (which is hard for me because I have business lunches daily, like my breakfast and hungry by dinner... thanks.