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Thread: Intermittent Fasting and High Intensity Workouts

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    Hey guys,

    Interesting thread..

    I just wanted to know your opinions about doing IF along with high intensity training AND one meal a day diet approach!

    So I'll be fasting alternate days. And When I am not fasting, I will be doing a 20 minutes interval jogging (30 seconds exertion, 1 minute rest and so on) Followed by a big gorgeous meal.

    Do you think this approach will work?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by EggbertHeadleton View Post
    Did you ever read the Leangains protocol?

    I CrossFit 5-6 times a week and follow Leangains and have had zero problems and good results. The training is not supposed to be done entirely fasted, you are supposed to take 10 g BCAA before the workout and eat your largest meal of the day right after the workout. If you don't eat right afterwards you are supposed to continue taking BCAA for the hours after the workout. The suggested schedule is on the Leangains blog.
    I am not sure the Leangains protocol is meant to be done with Crossfit. It is usually for Strength Training.

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    I do the leangains method and crossfit 5 times a week. And also, I have been skipping breakfast and drinking 2 cups of raw milk for lunch or lighter lunch as I train in the evenings. On the weekends I can train while fasting as I train early then.

    Fasting works for me because I have been primal for a year now so I don't have any hunger pangs and I eats ton of fat. My news food is pork back fat. Delicious!

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    I've been fasting - other than coconut oil and butter in morning coffee - from 9PM - 1PM 2-3 days per week and crossfit at noon 3-4 days. It often plays out that I'm working out wo having eaten for 15 hours and it has never been an issue. I was worried that I'd run out of gas but, surprisingly, never could blame lack of nourishment for my dismal wod performances. While I avoid sugar , including fruit, and most grains, I think I get around 35% of my calories from carbs (beer, wine, dark choc, nuts and veggies) so I don't think I'm anywhere near ketosis.

    Not sure of much, but I know that IF and HIIT are compatible for some, including me.

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