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    I think they are potentially amazing, especially if making them yourself like you said.

    I haven't had pickles in years! I miss them. Back in my fast food days, one of my favourite things was to get an italian sausage with pickles and mayonnaise. Everyone thought I was weird but it's like the best combo on earth! Would have to toss the bun now though, wrap it in a giant mushroom or somethin lol.

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    Pickles. I love 'em. Not just for taste but also for health reasons. I read that Taoist's always include something pickled with every meal. Their reason---as people age they produce less quantity or quality of stomach acid,so older people need the pickles. I don't know if that is all true, but pickles help me.

    Pickles aren't always cucumbers. Could be cabbage, eggs, any vegetable, umegoshi plums, ginger---whatever floats your boat. Making pickles isn't rocket surgery or brain science either. Easy.

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    I think the home-made ones, the kind made the traditional way, are rich in probiotics. I've been making fermented foods like sauerkraut/ cortido/ kimchi at home.

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