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Thread: Coconut milk & heartburn

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    I've cut down my cream and started using more coconut milk. It gives me heartburn, ick.

    Anyone else have this experience? Why would coconut milk cause heartburn?

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    I'm no help, I've had no problem. I've had GERD from time to time, but I have to say, no occurrence since going Primal.

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    Are you putting coconut milk into coffee? If so, it's probably not the coconut milk that is giving you troubles.

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    Like Conan said, I think it may depend on what you're swapping coconut milk for cream in. I'm not as sure about how just plain cream breaks down chemically, but milk itself behaves like a buffer solution- when my problems with heartburn were much worse, milk was one of the few things I could eat or drink that would take the edge off a bad day.

    So it might not be that coconut milk causes heartburn as that it's not as good at buffering extremes from other sources as what you're replacing.

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