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Thread: What is the deal with pork rinds/skins/fried out pork fat?

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    What is the deal with pork rinds/skins/fried out pork fat?

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    On bags of these the ingredients are pork and salt unless you get a flavored kind. If these are fried should not the label list what they are fried in? I'm hesitant to buy some because almost assuredly they must be fried in some kind of oil and probably soy or some other shit veggie oil.

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    Dunno know, UK ones have 'vegetable oil' listed on the ingredients if I remember right, probably along with salt, lactose or whey powder and some kind of preservative and probably dextrose too just for fun, but I think we have sticter food labeling laws here comapred to USA.

    Still nommy prork scratchings all that crispy salty skin and that super deep fried crumbly pork fat and sometime even a bit of super cooked meat, nom nom nom
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    a lot of times, they're just fried out in their own fat. beware though, you're getting the absolute cheapest cut from the worst, conventionally raised pigs... oxidation may indeed run rampant. often you open these, and can smell it.

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    We eat em occasionally. Even if they aren't perfect primal food they are bound to fit better into 80/20 than fritos or doritos or cheetos. We also make our own potato chips, blue potatoes fried in bacon fat are deeeelish!!

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