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Thread: Paleo Meal kit/ sugar

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    Paleo Meal kit/ sugar

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    Hey all, just wanted to throw something out there. I'm 26 I workout often, abideing by the primal rules, but recently I purchased Steve's Original Paleo kits, really great replacement meal for people on the go, grass fed beef jerkey, macadamia nuts, dried cherries and strawberries. My only concern is the 24g of sugar. If I eat a kit, it's the only fruit/sugar I'll have in a day. Do you guys think it's too much?

    Total fat: 12
    Total carb: 36
    Fiber: 4
    Sugar: 25
    Protein: 28

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    I think it will depend on how active you are during the day but in all honesty I wouldn't be fretting over a hand full of dried berries at any time, sounds delicious so enjoy them!

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    I'm life guarding this summer so, lots of swimming and walks with my weighted vest.

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