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    Does everyone eat "breakfast"........ and please tell me what you have. I am so sick of eggs ... really sick of them.

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    Not always. Other ideas... greek yogurt with blueberries, slivered almonds, and shredded coconut. Smoothie made with coconut milk. Sweet potatoes or butternut squash and sausage. I always have scrambled eggs if I eat breakfast... got sick of them at first, but now I don't. I don't cook them as much... I leave them more moist and they are easier to eat and taste better in my opinion.

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    I usually don't, I just drink tea (sometimes with coconut oil, but only 10% of the time) until 1ish when I actually start to feel hungry. I do on the weekends, and I make a pretty big deal out of it, meat, eggs, potatoes, bacon, I go in...

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    i eat breakfast, but not in the morning. i usually start eating around 6pm or so. it used to be eggs, but not so much lately. i'm not sure how eggs got associated as a breakfast food, or how in the SAD cereal, waffles, etc. became the go-to breakfast foods. i think probably because they're just the easiest to make. personally, i think a primal meal makes a much better breakfast. sometimes i'll do steak and a veg, sometimes it's just sardines, a pickle or two and some really good cheese. stick with fish if you want to start your day off with something light. whatever you decide to have, just keep it primal.

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    i agree, breakfast doesn't have to be eggs

    i have steak, salads, chicken. whatever you would eat for other meals.

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    I also agree, breakfast can be anything, leftovers are always a good choice, it might just take some getting used to retraining your pallet to enjoy typically dinner items at a different time of the day.

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    My favorite "breakfast" is a BAS ... sometimes with a few boiled eggs, sometimes not. Other than that, it's usually whatever is leftover, unless I am on IF.
    Everything's shiny, Cap'n. Not to fret.

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    Usually don't eat breakfast at all. Generally not hungry until noon or later these days. But eating anything is fine for breakfast if you are hungry then. If it tastes good at night then why not in the morning? Right?

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    I don't really have "breakfast" these days as much as "brunch". I tend to get hungry around 11am, so I basically have about a 12 hour fast every day. Brunch usually consists of leftovers from the previous evening's meal. Sometimes with eggs. Bam! Breakfast!

    I do have coffee with cream or grass-fed butter in the mornings, though.

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    Homemade chorizo (ground pork + assorted spices) and some type of fruit is a good alternative. I make up a lb of the chorizo and then reheat a little each morning. Super easy. Of course I like to have my with scrambled eggs ...

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