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Thread: Do you use a microwave for leftovers?

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    Even if you were to put your entire body in a microwave (not recommended) the only way it could harm you is through heat- if the power levels were low enough to not cause any part of you to get overheated or burned, then you would never experience any ill effects.

    Microwaves have no effect on food other than warming.

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    I wonder... the unfortunate critters (kittens, hamsters) that get microwaved by complete ******** **** *******s yet survive - do they show any long term effects?

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    Wow, another science vs. superstition thread.

    To the anti-nukers, I suggest not cooking your food. That way you will be very safe from the increased vibrations of molecules that always, in fact is, increased temperature.

    Do you know who the Luddites were?

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    Neither of those experiments (the Snopes one or the kids one) have any validity. Scientific experiments require a large sample size in both the treatment and control for the results to have meaning.

    If I were doing this I would use a minimum of 10-20 plants of each treatment, and make sure the microwaved water is from the same ultimate source, and cooled to the same temp before watering.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the "microwaved" water was still hot when the plants were watered, and the one plant died from literally being cooked.

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