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    Is this beginner stage IF?

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    I haven't been hungry lately, so no after dinner snacking. That means I go from ~6pm to ~7:30am without eating. I do then still eat 3 meals. Is this considered fasting, or do I need to actually drop a meal? Really just curious as I'm currently breastfeeding so not too worried about major fat loss.

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    i would call that a fast. i think the magic number seems to be 14-16 hours fasting, so you're pretty close. if you want to extend it a bit, try pushing breakfast a little later and eating dinner just a little earlier, and see how that works for you. otherwise, you're doing just fine.

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    Sounds good to me, I'd agree with primalrob and say anything around the 14 hours plus mark is probably approaching a fast. Play with it, see what works, fingers crossed for you!

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