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Thread: Beetroot Juice

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    Beetroot Juice

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    Beetroot juice bolsters athletic performance, study finds - Health & Families - Life & Style - The Independent

    Just wondering what people thought of the above article. It suggests that beetroot juice can boost athletic performance as it contains nitrates that ultimately reduce the amount of oxygen required during exercise.

    I for one have no intention of partaking (I've never really enjoyed the taste), but just curious what people thought.

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    This one has been rumbling around for a while. Nothing wrong with it, but I don't like looking at things in isolation, thats when they start labelling things as 'super foods', I prefer synagenistic benefits myself.
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    It was mentioned on 'Bang Goes the Theory' on BBC1 last night, one of the boffins done a aerobic test (as means of getting fitter/stronger for the pedal powered areoplane he's trying to build) on a stationary bike, the same test the following day was considerably better after having beetroot juice for breakfast.

    I like beetroot, not sure if I like it that much though!


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