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Thread: Coconut oil and paleo-induced ketosis cause extreme fatigue for me

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    Question Coconut oil and paleo-induced ketosis cause extreme fatigue for me

    I'm a 326 lbs, 35 year old male.

    I have started experimenting with coconut oil and pure MCT oil.

    The coconut oil causes extreme fatigue for me. For example, in the morning I ate my usual morning meal consisting of a protein shake: 75 g of protein (50% casein, 50% whey). On this meal I usually feel good and don't have to eat again until 2 PM.

    But this morning I also added 2 spoonfuls of coconut oil (from Jarrow Formulas).

    I became so tired that I fell asleep on my desk, at work! Feel very, very fatigued.

    This stuff was supposed to be energizing and make one feel wonderful, that's what everybody says.

    Also, one other weird thing: the coconut oil seems to trigger some carb cravings.

    The same thing happens when I try to follow the low-carb paleo diet. First comes the massive fatigue, which feels like the coconut oil induced fatigue.

    Then, the never-ending horrible low carb flu with headaches, dizzyness, low glycemia, memory loss, inability to pay attention (I almost had an accident while driving because of this). I have tried to continue the low-carb paleo, but the low carb flu seems to never subside. It just goes on and on for weeks - the most I have resisted on it are 3 weeks or so.

    I read all these stories of people being on paleo and losing weight successfully. Their experiences seem to be very different from mine.

    Do I have a different body type?

    What is the matter with me? My body seems to react differently to ketosis and paleo.

    It is clear that low-carb paleo doesn't cut it for me. What kind of diet do you recommend?
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