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Thread: Mountain Marathon GRIPE!

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    Well done !! You can hold your head high, being one of the rare individuals that have the rocks to change the world, one bit at a time. All the best for the race !

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    Best wishes, Banana--let us know if you run and how it goes, if you do run.

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    Bananab... How did the run go?! Funny how you just asked for links to a few stories to support your argument and instead you got a viral troll-sunami. Majority of humans eat what they are fed, and hate upon the few who ask for something better.

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    WAAAAY late to the party here - but you were asking for examples of vibrams in high level competition...

    I watched Ruby Muir of NZ race here in Utah at the Speedgoat 50k, she got 2nd or 3rd place in Vibrams and is sponsored by them. She's tough! Oh and Speedgoat is a certified Skyracing event... definitely one of the toughest 50ks there is.

    Ruby Muir |

    I wear mostly minimal shoes but can't wear the VFFs because of my Morton's toe (long second toe). I was sad because when I went minimal and started with VFF sprints, my speed increased a TON.

    Late but might be interesting to people still!
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