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Thread: copious amounts of lard

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    copious amounts of lard

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    I've been embracing the lard!

    Am now cooking everything in it, and loving it. Rendering it down from big white lumps of pork fat...

    the only problem is, I have no way of knowing how the piggies were kept, and can only imagine that they are filled with soybeans and other crap fillers and sh$t.

    I have NO WAY of getting organic pork fat, or lard.

    Should I be worried at all, about the source of my pork fat?

    The only reason I ask is, that I believe that eating the right types of food is really only one step in the primal journey, the second and equally important step, is to source natural food. The sad thing is, I just don't have that option. So there's no alternative, as far as I can see.
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    yeah, to be honest, i'd be concerned about rendering conventionally raised pork fat into lard and relying on that as my main cooking fuel. next to egg hens, pigs are probably raised in the worst conditions of any of the industrial animals. their fatty acid profiles respond to their feed much more than ruminants. in other words, though cows are raised in horrible conditions and fed grains, CAFO beef will not have a drastically different fat composition than grass-fed beef. the PUFA in lard can vary in extreme amounts.

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    I found pasture raised lard at Whole Foods (in South Carolina, even). But I'm wondering whether I should be looking for grassfed beef fat instead if the fat profile of beef is so much better than pork.

    Edited because I looked more carefully and see you are in Thailand. Has industrial agriculture really taken over as completely there? Can you get any meat that comes from New Zealand? I have read that New Zealand lamb is all grassfed, though that is not true for Australia any more.
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