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Thread: Sudden milk cravings and nut allergy!

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    Sudden milk cravings and nut allergy!

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    So, a couple weeks ago I began feeling this strong urge for something. My body wanted something BAD. Usually when that happens I can mentally run through the food I have and find something to feed it. This time though, it was milk. Which is weird, because I'm lactose intolerant (as far as I know, at least. I always have a problem with sugar/carbs+dairy so maybe its the sugar/carbs and not the dairy?) so I avoid milk like the plague. Except I broke down this weekend and bought two gallons of organic whole milk. I have been drinking some of it every day and it tastes delicious! I admit that I have been off the wagon for a few days and had some brownie bites and rice pudding with the milk so its hard to say if my body's responses are to the carbs/sugar or the milk.
    I'm curious about this. I don't know what to make of it. Is there any nutrient in milk that I'm missing in my regular, mostly meat diet?
    Unrelated, I've also had a couple bad reactions to nuts. I've never had a nut allergy before. I had some dark chocolate and almond butter (ground almonds, maple sugar) a few weeks ago and felt nauseous, headachy and tired. Can my body just decide it doesn't like something anymore? It has happened consistently and I've started avoiding the butter. Thoughts?

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    I find when I'm dehydrated that I crave cold milk or milk shakes. Not sure what other deficiencies can cause milk cravings.

    I'm wondering if your suspected nut allergy was actually a hypoglycemic episode. How sweet was the almond butter? Have you been low carbing lately? I find when I go low carb for awhile that I need to ease back into high carb foods or I get crazy blood glucose numbers for a few days. But to answer your specific question - yes you can develop allergies at any point in your life.

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