Hi! My name's Lois Groendijk, I'm 18, a design student studying in England. I've always been passionate about nutrition and exercise but always found it hard to shed those last few pounds. I currently weigh 150lbs at 5'6, curvy but toned. I'm half dutch and have inherited the broad shoulders and hips but i'm in fairly good shape due to my commitment to exercise and rowing at university. I won't be weighing myself to follow my progress during this journey, but taking body fat percentages instead (as I get very disheartened when the scales don't move, or go the opposite way!

I've been ill with Candida since Christmas and after following a very strict diet but came off the diet in February, thinking that I had rid myself of the bacteria. I went into a binge mode, because I had restricted myself from all sugars, alcohol, chocolate, all the things you would normally enjoy! No suprises then that I gained a few lbs, and I already had a few that I wanted to lose anyway. I'm currently 150lbs, and my aim is to be around 130lbs. The lightest i've been is 138lb, and that was around Christmas time. I know that i've probably gained a few lbs in muscle, but most of that is fat. As stated above, I will be measuring my progress with a body fat percentage machine. I have been following this lifestyle for two weeks now. I weighed myself last Monday, and when I weighed myself this morning, I had put on 2lbs, and have now spent the whole day being really naughty! I've just spent the whole day eating chocolate and cereal, which has prompted me to start a blog on here, so that I can hopefully monitor my eating and gain support from all you lovely people! I'm really needing support right now, as I am finding it difficult. It's not the eating so much, but i'm currently living at home at the moment, as I had to leave University from burning myself out and being ill (and a little depressed from it.) I'm in my house, all day, every day at the moment, and any of the snacking that I am doing is from boredom. I'm trying to occupy myself as much as possible but I do get very bored. I've been taking my friends dog out for long walks regularly, to get some fresh air and a change of scenery, but the weather is horrible at the moment (great thing about living in England!) but I may just go out in the rain. I used to work part time in a Design Gallery so I may see if I can work there once a week to earn a bit of extra cash and I was also thinking about volunteering in the local charity shop. I just need to get a bit of routine back in my life again!

My goals are:
To avoid all wheat, legumes and dairy (apart from butter occasionally, if that counts)
To go out walking as often as possible
To weight lift 3 times a week
To get rid of the spots and scarring I currently have on my face
To get down to around 20% body fat percentage (I don't have a concrete goal, just going by how I feel and look)
To have more energy (I'm really struggling with this at the moment from being ill)
To feel confident about myself again
To look fantastic for when I go back to university in May/June!

Please message me everyone!