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Thread: Workout "program"

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    Workout "program"

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    Hi, I know that generally everyone reccomends Marks excersise program. While its fine and I like it I really need more structure and instruction. A friend started this 8 week program recently and I joined in.
    I am on week 2 and really liking it but was wondering what some "professional" opinions are on how primal it is. Or the sustainabilty of doing this for 8 weeks. Am I doing any damage? Is it ok to be working out this often in a week? I have had no problems or terrible soreness but do expereince some soreness but nothing debilitating. I am eating primally and need to lose around 30lbs. ( 5'9 and 185lbs).

    so any thoughts?

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    Your link doesn't go to the program.
    You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!

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    Body composition is 80% diet. Lets say you eat three meals a day, or about 20 times per week. You typically only work out 3-5 times a week at best. We'll say 4 times per week. However, since food impacts your body four times more than working out, each meal you eat is approximately .8/.2 * (20meals/4 exercise sessions)=16 times more important than any one of your workouts.

    Eat clean.

    Edit: Sorry, the beginnings of that math popped into my head and I had to finish it.

    Whatever program you do, stick with it and do it intensely.
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