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Thread: Does Anyone know whether the Izze sparkling juices would be ok?

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    Does Anyone know whether the Izze sparkling juices would be ok?

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    Trying to cut back on fruit juices for my kids- would this be a better alternative? Anyone drinking them out there?

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    Why not try some sparkling water with some fresh lime or lemon squeezed, Or fresh strawberries mixed in?

    This is better then most products... but I'm always wary of mass produced juice
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    I used to drink them all the time. One serving has 26g of sugar, which I think is about the same as regular juice. If they can't live without juice, I would try cutting it with water, or adding a splash of juice to carbonated mineral water for something fun. Or making juice a special occasion treat rather than an every day thing. My son only drinks water or raw milk most of the time, but he knows that on the one day a month or so that we take him out to eat, he can have apple juice or lemonade if he wants.

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    They didn't have juice when I was a kid. They had orange juice and apple juice but none of these other juices and no little boxes. We had orange juice for breakfast once in a while (I hated it) and apple juice was a rare treat at grandmas house. I survived childhood just fine with hardly any juice.
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