Few things in life are as hard as changing one's life. This is my Journal as I try to do just that. I would ask that Civil discourse be the rule here and no asshattery.

My name is Warmbear, in old Norse that would be "Byjarnylr", you would have to be in the SCA to understand, dont worry. I am a 45 year old father of 2. I am married to My lovely wife Kat, together we are called Bearkat. Cutesy hunh? We live in Montreal Quebec Canada with a Basset hound called Groucho and innumerable dust bunnies called legion.

I work as a cabinet maker so I am not your typical flubbery blob, I am 6' 2" and built like a Grizzly bear, so solid muscle under fat. I am currently somewhere around 320 lbs but my scale is broken. I started this journey about a month ago at 345 lbs with kidney problems, gall stone problems, 2 screwed up knees and a bad back. I have High BP, I was going hypoglycemic if I did not eat on a very frequent schedule like 5 or 6 times a day and I have had IBS since I was in the army 25 years ago.

I would come home from work so tired and near crippled with pain in my legs/feet that I could not even walk the dog. Exercise was becoming impossible, my favorite activities like the SCA and Archery were becoming impossible. I lived in pain every day from my legs, my lower back, my various issues and a headache from BP that no matter what I did would not come down below 185/125. I had not been able to really enjoy being married to most beautiful woman in a long time and it was becoming less likely as the weeks rolled on. I think kat was thinking it might be time to move on but I may just be paranoid. (Depression and anxiety are a few of my issues)

I was dieing and in truth I was hoping for it.

Then in January, my left knee buckled sideways as I was stepping down off a chair at work. No ladders at work, needed to use a chair and now I am off work with comp till further notice. What to doc said scared me some, hell it scared me a lot. You NEED to loose weight he said or you will be a complete cripple in less than 10 years. If your BP does not kill you first that is. I could deal with dieing, that was not not an issue but being a cripple is another matter entirely. To loose ones freedom is for me the worst fate I could imagine.

So I started Physio everyday, in pain and worried that I may have to find a new way to earn a living. I also started looking for a way that I could loose weight once again. I have done weight watchers, I have done it many times. I have lost and gained probably 1000 lbs over my life and I did not want to do that again. I considered becoming vegetarian but meat and bread is my favorite foods. I hate veggies. I really truly hate them. Sigh. I could not see myself living that way and as I worked to add more veggies to my diet I could not give up meat. It felt wrong, it felt terrible in fact as I stood in the Loblaws holding a pack of soy based burger patties. Fake food just makes me go squick, the hypocrisy of it annoyed me and I knew there had to be better choices.

I knew about the paleo diet concept, I had read about it some 10 years or so ago when the net was young. It seemed like the right direction if not quite the right path. I had started seeing a dietician as part of my treatment and she would have me on a high carb , low fat largely vegetarian diet which left me feeling hungry and somehow unhappy.

So I started looking online again for paleo diet sites and found Dr Cordain and MDA. Wow, what a lot of .... something. I was not sure what to make of MDA, a heaping mix of contrary-ism and conspiracy theory mixed with what might be science and might be marketing hype. I did not know the difference and though I am well educated and scientifically literate I could not be sure. Apparently there are a lot of foolish things on the net, why there are even some people looking to scam us, so being skeptical was natural.

OK as I read, It sounded good, the info was all there free and I did not need to buy anything or give my bank account info to a Nigerian web site so I figured what the hell, give it a try.

3 days in, my IBS was gone, my hypoglycemia stopped happening and I was eating less often. 1 week in I still felt good, I felt great in fact. I was skipping meals and only eating when hungry. I have much more energy and as my knee healed I started walking a lot. I cant run but now I can walk without much limp. The weight seems to be dropping off, I am wearing jeans that are 4 sizes smaller after 2 weeks. My BP was 165/102 on Friday and the headaches are gone. And that issue with the wife is uhh no longer an issue.

I bought the book, I bought the cookbook, and I am annoying folks on the forums with my stupid questions and silly observations and I am now convinced of this for me.

My family still thinks I am a complete nutter but since when is that not the norm?