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Thread: Pre Race and Race Day Nutrition

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    This is my first year following PB and I've only experimented with Eggs, avocado and sweet potatoes for my race day meal. I feel like its enough food/energy for me to get to the starting line. I also feel like its bland enough that it doesn't upset my stomach due to nerves. Although, I've never really had problems with eating food before competitive events. Back in high school I used to crush McDonald's before basketball games and would never have any performance issues. Imagine if I was following PB back then, I would probably be playing in the NBA today... at least for the Wizards...

    I used to do the peanut butter bagel pre race as well but now my stomach really hates me when I eat any bread. If for some reason I was not able to eat my eggs, etc.. I would probably go for some canned sardines, olives, pickles and/or a good serving of berries for morning of carbs. I definitely feel like loading up on the pickles/sweet potatoes during the week leading up to race day prevented me from cramping up last weekend.

    For on the bike, I am definitely going to stick with the raspberry nugs for now. You can really make the nugs with any dried fruit. I chose raspberries because they are low in sugar but has enough carbs to be in the 20-30g range for each serving. I really like the idea of eating real food during the race. I may try to find additional ideas on Pinterest or something for my next HIM. I feel like I should be able to find something more calorie dense and that the raspberries will only go so far.
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