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Thread: Hoping there's a doc on here that can help me...

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    I would imagine the transition from fruitarian to primal could be a hard adjustment and could put some stress on your system. How long were you a fruitarian? I agree it sounds like your electrolytes are off. Coconut water and eat fruits and veggies with a high water content. Potatoes and avocado for potassium and supplement with magnesium daily!

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    I should mention that I had been constipated since I started the leptin reset, tried milk of magnesia a couple days ago, pooped a few times yesterday, all liquidy stools,

    Do not buy the laxative Milk of Magnesia that comes in a glass bottle placed on a shelf with other laxatives and fiber supplements. These are lab produced and the wrong kind of magnesium.
    Buy Magnesium Citrate Capsules 400mg. They're cheap (around $10-15 per bottle) and will normalize your stools. You will get 90 capsules, taken 1 daily will last you 3 months, compared to the laxative Milk of Magnesia, where you drink an entire bottle of garbage for $5 a pop? And then deal with diarrhea.

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