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Thread: What were your meals like Pre-Primal?

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    What were your meals like Pre-Primal?

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    Just wondering about other peoples' backgrounds. Pre Primal did you eat out a lot? Did you typically cook meals from receipes? Just throw together most meals in a basic casual way? Did you buy a lot of premade canned or frozen/packaged products? How did your past meal habits change once you went Primal?

    We used to be away many evenings so had our main meal for lunch. We ate lots of salads and fresh garden veggies but we also ate a lot of sandwiches and usually had pasta once a week. I made homemade soups some, but also indulged in Chunky Soup and things like canned chili or corned beef hash if we were in a hurry. We used to fear eating much red meat, so ate more chicken and turkey than beef.

    I find I am cooking much more than before and eating a lot more beef and eggs. I enjoy cooking so it's not a problem, but I know many other people feel this way of eating is more work and somewhat of a burden. Please share your experiences and thoughts.
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    Taco Bell, Chili from Wendy's, Peanut Butter on white bread, Reese's butter cups, big ole Mexican restaurant meal, plenty of chips and salsa for starters, followed by 3 item combo meal................I could go on..........

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    Potato chips. I hated having them in the house because they were always calling my name.

    Although, I also raised two sons and I cared about feeding them good food. Grains were big, so were vegetables and fruit. I home cooked most meals and as a result of all that practice, I am a pretty good cook. I baked a lot of chunky oatmeal cookies. As teenagers it was hard to keep out the frozen burritos and chips for snacks after school. Eating out was a treat. So it wasn't typical SAD, but I thought I was doing a fairly decent job. Looking back...I dunno...

    Now it is home cooking all the time. No baking. And the sons don't live here anymore.
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    Most meals were wheat or rice based, but with lots of veges. We eat lots more meat now and no beans. I cooked (4 kids) and we had takeaway maybe once a week (chips or noodle box).

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    Typical weekday:
    Bagel with almond butter (if I was good, half a bagel) or plain yogurt with 1/2 mango and granola

    Honestly I don't really remember what I ate. I know I ate cookies. If people left candy out, I always took as much as I could and stored it in my desk. Sometimes I would get a muffin. Sometimes I'd get a chicken ceasar wrap or similar.

    Ravioli with jarred spaghetti sauce and Italian sausage and bread on the side was fairly typical. Or some Trader Joe's frozen entree or those Tasty Bite Indian foods with rice and garlic naan. Frozen pizzas were typical. Sometimes we'd have fish and salad.
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    oh yeah, the toasted asiago bagel with lots of butter. It's calling my name, but I am strong........I am stronger than a bagel. I know I am.....

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    My meals were delicious.
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    high carb, very 'healthy' by conventional standards. low fat, and if there was fat, it was vegetable oil. yeah. wow. almost no red meat, plenty of meals that happened to be vegan.

    hearthealthywholegrains. the whole nine yards. got colds often, had horrible joint aches and terrible knee pain, fwiw, but lost a lot of weight eating that way.

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    depends upon when.

    as I kid, our typical meals was chicken (usually breast) with some sort of sauce (often mixed from a package), and then rice or potatoes or peas or corn, plus some kind of veggie such as broccoli, green beans, salads. my favorite was meat loaf with mac-n-cheese with broccoli and cauliflower. I loved that one growing up.

    when vegan, common was big salads of all kinds -- warm, cold, etc. Lots of fruit and a fair bit of nuts, and I explored some raw food recipes too, and had a good time making different spreads and sauces using ingredients I hadn't thought to use before. i still use a lot of these recipes.

    when vegetarian, it was much the same, just with eggs or cheese added to the mix.

    then primal, and now i eat meat plus what i ate when I was a vegan.

    Veganism really opened me up to food diversity. I ate a fair bit of soy in the first year (soy milk, soy meat balls), but after that, I went 'whole foods' and definitely backed off the soy. I would only eat it when I was out at my favorite vegan restaurant, which wasn't that frequent. And, I learned how to work with a lot of different flavor profiles as well as a lot of different veggies that I'd never had before.

    I think it made going primal a lot easier.

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    As a child I thought I hated food. I ate very few foods, the only meat I would eat was lunch meat, and hot dogs. I ate lots of fruits, pasta, cheese... and a cheez wiz sandwich every day for 12 years. Gag.

    When I was 20 yrs old, I met my husband and he laughed at me when I told him I hated food. When I told him I had never eaten a steak he gasped, ran to his car and drove to the nearest store, bought two GIANT rib-eyes and made me dinner. To be polite I tried a tiny bite. then another, then another! OMG I like MEAT?!?!?! WTF? So we were confused about this until we had dinner with my family and Tony ate my mother's "cooking". Microwaved jarred sauce on top of sawdust chicken breast, bottled salad dressing drowned limp lettuce... you get the picture. I still can't swallow overcooked meat. It has to be juicy and rare.

    So I was reborn as a foodie. Now I'm picky, but picky in the way that a food snob is. We spent years learning intricate techniques, making our own pasta from scratch, perfecting recipes, inventing others.

    Going Primal was a whole new level of foodie fun. We were already used to avoiding packaged conventional junk, now we just had to ditch the grains and not feel guilty about our butter consumption! lol
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