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Thread: Little Primal House in The Woods

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    Little Primal House in The Woods

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    Life has settled down for me (longggg story). Time to get back to the primal life. Primal feels good! I have about 15 pounds to lose.

    I live out in the woods now. It is lovely and peaceful. I also live in Farm country. I can get fresh eggs anywhere until we get our own hens. I buy raw milk. I can find decent meat. I can get great produce. I live near a natural foods co-op where I am a member. My boyfriend eats healthy (although SAD healthy). NO EXCUSES!

    Right now I am not in my little house in the woods. I am away for a few days for postal training. I am in a hotel. I packed myself some food for tomorrow's lunch and breakfast, and some snacks. I bought roasted chicken and some steam in the bag veggies for tonight's supper. I will hit the natural food co-op for tomorrow's supper and Tuesday's breakfast and lunch.

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    Sounds like a great life.
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