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Thread: Losing weight a little too fast?

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    Losing weight a little too fast?

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    Hi guys.

    I have a couple of questions, would be great to get your input!

    1) I am a 5ft 7inch tall guy and weighed 170lbs 4 weeks ago (I have a nice wheat belly and moobs, but not TOO overweight), but have dropped 14lbs in the month.

    This is probably too much ( I hear 1-2lbs at most is recommended), but I feel amazing and not hungry at all. Should I just go with it and carry on potentially losing weight at this rate for a while longer? I have had a few cheat Chinese and Indian currys at the weekends, but I don't sweat it tbh.

    Does it probably mean that I am probably genetically a really skinny guy and my body is just adjusting? I mean I am losing like a pound a day for days on end at times (and I am past the water weight stage for sure). It feels great and all, but possibly a little concerning My wife is probably more overweight than I, but has lost like 4lbs.

    Oh and to clarify, I don't eat breakfast, generally just a black coffee. then I have usually some Chilli or chicken/hamburger with lettuce for lunch and a steak or curry for dinner.

    2) And another thing! I am finding my appetite was gone really crazy. Where as before I was eating every couple of hours, now I sometimes go 24 hours and just eat dinners in the evenings. Feels great not having hunger pangs....I can still feel the hunger but (and its hard to describe) it feels almost pleasant or enjoyable? Like its manageable and keeps me on edge and perky Anyone else get this?

    Thanks chaps!

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    2 pounds a week if you are overweight is fine, add the initial water stage and 14lbs is not too bad. If it continues you might want to eat up.
    Look to your exercise as well, time to start lifting heavy.
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    I wouldn't be concerned if it were me. Sounds like your body has transitioned nicely into a fat burning machine! Sounds like you have gotten some great results with IF too which I believe is what folks use to get accelerated weight loss, and it's healthy and your body is responding well to it.

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    No worries....1-2lb/week is kinda bunk anyhow. I'd be sure to do some strength training to make sure you retain your lean mass while losing though! That is THE numero uno thing that determines muscle retention while losing.

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    Best advice I can offer in my limited experience is listen to your body. If you're eating enough proper foods to sate your appetite, then you're probably good. Also, like everyone above has said, try some lifting to help retain lean mass.
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    Weight loss is usually fairly fast at first, especially if you just switched from lots of processed foods to clean eating, mostly from water weight. I wouldn't worry about losing too fast, your body knows what it's doing if you take good care of it.
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    Like everyone's said, it's fast at first. My first month I dropped 12 lbs. then it slowed down and it's just a few pounds a month.

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    I wouldn't be concerned if it were me

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    Alot of what your loosing is the inflamation caused by the garbage in your system. Once you get rid of that your weight loss will regulate. Ive had clients loose 15 pounds in the first week and come back thinking theyre dying. You may need to feel as if your force feeding yourself for a while. If you want to gain more muscle you definitely need to eat more and always gphave a high protien breakfast.

    One more thing as Dirlot said, lift heavier weights!

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    Thanks guys, I'll see how it goes.

    Just got the book "You are your own Gym".

    I like the idea of bodyweight exercises, I feel it fits in semantically with the Primal way of doing things.

    I'll give it a shot, I don't want to be wasting away!

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