Tomorrow is one full week of Primal. I think I am doing really well with my food choices. My biggest accomplishment is no pop or snacks. Maybe it is because the food is so good that I don't really feel like I am missing anything.

I love cooking and have made a few recipes and so far so good. My oldest son had supper with me (Avocado, bacon and chicken salad) but was not satisfied. However, I heard no complaints from the steak the other night. I do miss the convenience of grabbing a bowl of cereal and need to find a good substitute.

Goals for the day are to just work in the yard raking and getting general clean-up around the house (snow just melted so no rhubarb yet for that yummy dessert that stares at me when I log in to MDA).

No meals planned but always eat breakfast, lunch and supper. I made primal mayo yesterday so maybe Tuna Salad or Devilled eggs. Also plan to make the ranch dressing as I haven't found an oil & vinegar I love.

Looking forward to the week and continuing to grow in my knowledge of this lifestyle and make positive changes.