I have to confess..... I did something I swore I'd never do again. I ran for distance <hangs head low>. I ran the first mile I've run in over 10 years. I blame the wifey! She'd been hiking trails with the dog, and I snuck home to spend Christmas with her. I got all the way to Atlanta from the Middle East before she found me out..... anyway, trail hiking. We hit the trails almost every day. I was rocking vibrams and sweats so I could sprint the uphills and get a little workout out of it. Got home from a hike one day and said "eff it, I'm gonna run a mile and see where I'm at." Hit it at a constant, and what I felt was a moderate pace and finished up at about a 7 minute/mile pace. That's a pretty modest finish, but considering it's the first mile I've run in a decade and the first time I've run any distance in vibrams on the hardball..... I'll take it. I've got a feeling I'll be adding more distance running on a regular basis.